Building / Installation Service

Building Service:

For those who already have their PC Parts, we offer a building service if you do not wish to build it yourself. Our rates start at $30. We will charge higher for more complex builds. Please message us via Instagram or WhatsApp beforehand so we can provide a price for you.

We will provide Windows 10 Pro installation along with the building service.

NOTE: If you purchased most or all of your parts from us, we will build your PC for FREE. Please note that at least a 50% non-refundable deposit on the order is required for us to start building your PC. 


Installation Service:

If you would like us to install a component into your PC, please refer to the table below for pricing.

 Component Purchased From Us Not From Us
CPU / CPU Cooler FREE $10
Motherboard $15 $20
PSU $15 $15
PC Case $25 $30
Other Components FREE $5